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Graphic design showcasing three Latina actresses: Eiza Gonzalez, Salma Hayek, and Sofía Vergara.

Latinas come from various backgrounds and have unique stories to tell. We encompass a rich tapestry of cultures, histories, and life experiences. Unfortunately, despite this beautiful diversity, we often face persistent stereotypes that limit and objectify us, reducing our identities to sexualized and exotic caricatures. These stereotypes have far-reaching effects on the Latina community, influencing our personal lives, careers, and overall place in society.

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Portrait of a vibrant Latin woman in a colorful shirt against a sunny yellow backdrop.

The way we live today, with all its consumerism and social norms, can be traced back to the industrial revolution. This period of rapid change led to the rise of capitalism, a system that emphasizes profit and the production of goods on a massive scale.

As capitalism took hold, it brought with it a culture of greed and a constant need to sell and produce more. This drive for profit also led to the birth of many of the social norms and stereotypes we still see today.

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Why it’s ‘necessary’ for young Latinas to see their stories reflected in movies and television

This article republishedfrom the 19th News with permission.

There’s an iconic scene toward the end of the 2002 movie “Real Women Have Curves” that cemented the film’s status as a powerful moment for Latina representation.

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