Avenida Launching First-Ever Latino-Owned Movie Studio in Hollywood

an image of fanny grande from avenida productions

It's no secret that Latine voices, stories, and perspectives don't always get the attention they deserve in mainstream media. Avenida Productions decided to do something about that. Having launched a suite of products to help Latine creators, they are now setting their sights on building the first 100% Latino-owned movie studio in Hollywood.

As they disrupt the obvious racial discrimination still occurring in Hollywood, they're also building the studio in a way that allows the public to share in the future wealth by funding the project with community investment via a Wefunder crowdraising campaign.

To Avenida, this isn't just about celebrating Latine culture, lifting our voices, and stepping into a future where our stories are front and center; it's also about proving that our stories matter, our voices matter, and we matter by demonstrating the financial viability of a Latino-owned studio.

With over 2 trillion dollars in purchasing power, Latinos continue to be the dominant force amongst movie-goers. While they make up 19% of the population, they made up 29% of movie tickets sold in 2020, according to a study by the Motion Picture Association (MPA). Adding to this, movies with diverse casts make the most amount of money at the box office. Yet, Latine presence behind and in front of the camera continues to be dismal.

Avenida intends to do something about it. Their crowdfunding campaign can be found here


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