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Uvalde mayoral candidate headshot, a campaign sign that says Vote Yes on Issue 1 and the outline of the state of virginia

U.S. general elections happen every single year in November. The reality of election turnout in the U.S. means that during non-presidential election years, many voters decide not to vote, leaving the outcome of pivotal races to be decided by a small percentage of people.

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Image of text that reads Reclaim the 20s

What does it mean to reclaim the 20’s?

Reclaim the 20’s is year-long digital series celebrating the 100-year anniversary of women earning the right to vote in a historically accurate frame. Meaning, we talk openly about the fact that while all women were granted the right to vote in 1920, not all women were able to exercise that right. In fact, most discussion of the adoption of the 19th amendment is done through the frame of a white woman’s experience and often leaves out what Black women and other women of color did to help make it happen.

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