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Album image of the singer Selena Quintanilla in front of a purple background

There’s no question that Selena Quintanilla left behind a legacy that will forever cement her as a pillar of the Latinx community.

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Image of the artist Bad Bunny wearing sunglasses in front of a pink and orange ombre background

Hitting play on a Bad Bunny track is a guaranteed good listen, and given his current place as a global top artist, we were led to wonder, what led to the Puerto Rican artist’s meteoric rise to fame in just a few short years?

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Woman stands in front of colorful background as she stands and smiles

Growing up, Selena Gomez made her way into our hearts through our TV screens. Now she’s back, claiming a top spot on our TikTok feeds. Her ultra-relatable content makes us feel so seen that we had to do a roundup of some of her finest moments.

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