5 Must-Have Hoop Earrings to Latinafy Your Life

Hand holiding heartshaped hoop earrings
Photo Credit: Xipiteca

Hoops paired with a red lip have become an iconic symbol of Latinas and we’re not mad about it. The way we dress and show up to the world is very important, so we’re here to show you some of our favorite hoops to accessorize your life. We get it, we’re still in the middle of pandemic, but I think most of us are completely over the lack of style in our sweats so we’re dressing up to look cute and sit in our salas, or to rock our hoops and red lip lewks for a Zoom meeting.

We’re looking cute at home because even just looking in the mirror in your hoops will have you feeling like an Alpha Latina ready to take on the world! Check out some of our favorite hoops by Latina-owned businesses:

Jen Zeano Designs

Famous for their ‘Latina Power’ tee, Jen and Vero created a lifestyle brand that brings Latina sayings, moods, and power to life. Based out of South Texas, they have a deep connection with their roots and their humble way of being makes supporting their brand extra easy! We are obsessed with their statement earrings that let the world know who you truly are: cabrona pero cute!

Hija de Tu Madre

A pioneer in Latina lifestyle brands, Hija de Tu Madre seems to just get us. Their products are in your face statements about our cultura and letting the world know we’re proud to be Latinas. They bring inside jokes to life in ways that we all get and make us proud to be a part of this culture. Their bruja earrings are another inside statement that we all carry with us knowing that there’s something special about being connected to your culture.

Girl Collective

Who says hoops have to be big all the time? We prefer our hoops with a side of social justice and we’re here for letting people know where we stand and what we won’t stand for. Grl Collective’s Fuck Racism hoops do just that! Supporting Grl Collective also means supporting young women since proceeds from the collective go to education initiatives in India.


We are here for all the 90s and early 2000s nostalgia that Xipiteca brings to their content and products. Shopping their website will take you back and make you wonder if you need to get your BFFs together for a group portrait with a classic background setup of corazones and playboy bunnies. Our favorite earrings from their collection? The large Holy Heart Hoops that are extra sparkly, for that touch of brillo in your life.

Eres Una Maravilla

If you’re into handmade earrings, we recommend Eres Maravilla and her statement hoops. Not only does she handcraft her earrings, she donates proceeds of her earrings to empower the Latinx community. With the purchase of her Abolish ICE earrings, $10 are donated to Celebration Nation – a Latino non-profit that holds events and has programs to empower the Latino community.

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