7 Latina Influencers who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

Graphic design featuring 7 Latina women influencers and entrepreneurs: Michelle Phan, Lele Pons, Yovana Mendoza, Dulce Candy, Bethany Mota, Katy Roach, and Paola Alberdi.

Yovana Mendoza (@yovana)

Portrait of Latina influencer Yovana Mendoza

Formerly known as “Rawvana,” Yovana Mendoza is a Mexican-American influencer in the health and wellness space with 1 million followers on Instagram. She gained attention online for sharing her raw vegan diet until her health started suffering. It became clear that the “healthy” lifestyle she was advocating wasn’t healthy at all when she developed SIBO, which is excessive bacteria in the small intestine. This led her to experience bloating, have severe stomachaches, and even lose her period and hair. Based on medical advice, she started incorporating animal protein into her diet and prioritizing her health. Then, she rebranded to just “Yovana” and is actively working to promote a balanced lifestyle. Not just with the brands she partners with, but also through her own products, including her app Simplefit.

a Latina woman skillfully juggling the demands of family and work life.

Despite Latinas in the U.S. leading the charge as the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in 2023 and despite the rise of Bachelor’s Degree attainment among them, Latinas continue to feel the pressure of gender role expectations often imposed within Latino culture. A recent Pew Research Center study has shed light on just how much pressure Latinas in America are under.

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