7 Reasons Latinas Should Consider Bernie Sanders

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When the hierbas and vicks aren’t quite cutting it, Bernie wants you to be able to go to a doctor no matter how much money you may or may not have, or whether you have insurance or not. No shade to our Abuelas and their te de manzanilla but sometimes what we really need is a doctor and a prescription.

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Bernie wants to make sure anyone who wants to can go to college or a trade school can go – punto. With college costing anywhere from $10,000 a year to over $70,000 per year it’s unclear how we’re supposed to get that degree without having to sell a kidney on the dark web.

He’s a Fighter, Just Like Us

Bernie has been fighting the good fight for a very long time and he’s never given up – sound familiar? He knows what it means to focus and power though. He knows what it takes to stay committed until you make it out the other side. His dad was an immigrant and lived the life many Latinas know well. Would be nice to have someone leading the country who understands the experience of the everyday person.

He Wants to End Mass Incarceration of Black and Latino Bodies

From ending the ability of corporations to make billions of dollars to cage Black and Latino people, to decriminalizing marijuana, to giving the formerly incarcerated the help they need to get back on their feet, Bernie is committed to ending the disproportionate incarceration of communities of color.

Bernie will Work to Create Jobs – Good Paying Jobs

Bernie knows that it’s hard out there these days with so many people working multiple jobs and figuring out side-hustles to make ends meet. A national $15 minimum wage is just a start. He also wants to create millions of jobs in green energy, early childhood education, and healthcare. Where do we submit our application??

Student Debt Forgiveness

I mean, enough said. Bernie’s plan is simple. He wants to cancel all student debt. No income requirements. No eligibility. No limits. That’s the kind of cancel culture we can get behind.

Affordable Housing

How are we ever going to spread our wings and fly that solo life if the rent is too damn high? The lack of affordable housing is a national crisis and everyone is feeling it. From building new affordable housing to creating national rent control to investing in the repair of public housing, Bernie will work to get us in housing we all deserve.

The Texas Organizing Project has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President in the Democratic Primary election.

Reclaim the 20’s is a Luz Collective digital series celebrating the 100-year anniversary of 19th Amendment guaranteeing (some) women the right to vote.

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