Best Latino Films and TV Shows for Spooky Season

a collage of the best latino films and tv shows for spooky season: huesera: the bone woman, cabinet of curiosities, the horror of dolores roach, la llorona and tigers are not afraid

Ah, spooky season! That time of the year when pumpkin spice is sprinkled on everything and we have the perfect excuse to binge-watch anything that sends chills down our spines.

From haunting legends to surreal worlds, the Latino entertainment realm has no shortage of eerie tales. Grab your favorite blanket, and some popcorn, and let’s explore the best Latino films and TV shows to get you in the Halloween mood.

Cronos (1992)

Claudio Brook and Federico Luppi in Cronos (1992)


Dipping into Guillermo del Toro's treasure trove of early works, "Cronos" is a unique gem that showcases the director's budding style. This macabre fantasy, del Toro's debut feature, revolves around an antique device promising eternal life. But, as with most things too good to be true, there's a dark side. Dive into a world of desire, immortality, and the haunting choices one must make for a shot at forever.

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)


Issa López’s dark fantasy film is a gripping tale of five kids trying to survive the horrors of drug cartel violence in Mexico. It's a grim fairy tale that blends real-world terror with the fantastical, and it’s an absolute must-watch.

Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022)

Natalia Soli\u00e1n in Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022)


Michelle Garza Cervera’s directorial debut brings us a chilling Mexican-Peruvian supernatural body horror. When pregnant Valeria, played by the talented Natalia Solián, encounters menacing occult forces, you're in for some heart-pounding moments. Having snagged awards at the Tribeca Festival, this film isn't just spooky—it's critically acclaimed. Prepare for a tale where a soon-to-be mother’s joy spirals into a nightmare of dark magic and curses.

La Llorona (2019)

Marvin Coroy and Mar\u00eda Marcos in La Llorona (2019)


Jayro Bustamante's "La Llorona" delivers a haunting blend of Guatemalan history and eerie supernatural occurrences. As the story of former dictator Enrique Monteverde unravels, the line between past sins and present horrors blurs. Step into a world where political trials and household hauntings collide, and a weeping spirit lurks just out of sight.

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022)

Guillermo del Toro in The Murmuring (2022)


Guillermo del Toro, a name synonymous with masterful horror, brings us yet another tantalizing creation exclusively for Netflix. Imagine a cabinet filled with eight modern horror tales, each echoing the rich traditions of Gothic and Grand Guignol styles. With del Toro's personal touch on two episodes and his introduction for each, this anthology series feels like an intimate journey into the recesses of the mastermind's spooky imagination.

Los Espookys (2018-2022)

Fred Armisen, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Bernardo Velasco, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres in Los Espookys (2018)


Created by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres, this HBO comedy series follows a group of friends who turn their love for horror into an unusual business, providing horror to those who need it. It's an offbeat, hilarious take on spooky scenarios that will have you chuckling and shivering in equal measure.

Diablero (2018-2020)

Horacio Garcia Rojas in Diablero (2018)


This Netflix original series is all about demon hunting in modern-day Mexico City. Directed by José Manuel Cravioto and Rigoberto Castañeda, it's an exciting blend of action, horror, and urban legends. Think of it as "Supernatural" with a Latino twist.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014-2016)

David Stanford and Madison Davenport in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014)


Based on the cult film by Robert Rodriguez (who also directs the series), it expands upon the lore, diving deeper into the world of Aztec myths, culebras (snake-vampires), and of course, the Gecko brothers. It’s gritty, bloody, and deliciously entertaining.

The Horror of Dolores Roach (2023)

Justina Machado in The Horror of Dolores Roach (2023)


Freshly released from a 16-year prison stint, Dolores Roach, played by the captivating Justina Machado, finds herself in a drastically changed Washington Heights. With minimal resources and the shadows of her past looming large, she's taken under the wing of an old friend, Luis, and his crumbling shop, Empanada Loca. But as Dolores settles into her role as a masseuse, the seemingly quiet streets conceal threats that drive her to disturbing lengths to protect her new life. This dark comedy, drawing inspiration from Aaron Mark's off-Broadway play "Empanada Loca" and brought to the screen under the expert guidance of executive producer Gloria Calderón-Kellett, weaves a chilling narrative of survival, ethics, and the unsettling changes of a neighborhood.

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