10 Things You Already Do That Make You a Latina Environmentalist

Latina posing for the camera in a fiel, with an earth globe in her hands

With the undeniable shadow of climate change looming over us, people around the world are making a conscious effort to embrace more sustainable habits. In that process, many Latinos have realized that sustainable habits have always been a part of their lives. Whether it’s because they’ve had to make do with limited resources or that was just their families’ way of life, Latinos are more environmentalists than they’re often aware of. Here are 10 things you probably do that make you a Latina environmentalist:

You reduce, reuse, and recycle

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In your daily life, you’re conscious of waste and naturally do things to minimize single-use plastics. You reuse items whenever possible and you’re very good at recycling. As a good Latina, you turn mayonnaise glass jars into glasses, plastic ice cream or butter containers into unofficial Tupperware, you use cloths instead of paper towels or wipes for cleaning, and you have a big plastic bag that collects all other plastic bags that come your way for later use.

You support sustainable fashion

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Latina fashionistas love looking stylish and amazing, but if you have environmentalist inclinations, you avoid fast fashion like the plague. Shein and Fashion Nova clothes aren’t that good anyway, so you would much rather spend a little more on high-quality items that will last from ethical brands. You also love thrifting and buying second-hand because it’s a treasure trove of amazing clothes made with long-lasting, eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Overall, you’re conscious of the brands you support and you reduce your textile waste without sacrificing your style.

You practice energy conservation

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If your Latino parents come from a country where they experienced power shortages quite often, they’ve likely instilled a few energy-saving habits in you. From using energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting to reducing your water usage, and everything in between, you always prioritize sustainable energy practices. You also do little things like never leaving your charger plugged, turning off the lights when a room isn’t being used, switching off appliances when they’re not used, and more.

You advocate for environmental causes

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You're actively involved in environmental advocacy and support initiatives that promote conservation, biodiversity, and environmental justice. Whether it's participating in climate strikes, supporting conservation organizations, or just raising awareness about environmental issues in your community, you use your voice and actions to drive positive change. It’s the Latina way to do something about the issues that matter to you, so advocating, raising awareness, or even encouraging your close friends to embrace certain sustainable habits is something you often do.

You often take time to connect with nature

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One thing Latinos often share is a connection with nature. Whether that’s through activities like gardening or just taking walks in nature, Latinos often like to step away from daily life and spend time in or with the natural world. If you don’t have a green thumb and that’s why gardening isn’t for you, you probably still do things like take walks in natural parks, go on hikes, and more. Connecting with nature is one of your favorite ways to reset.

You support ethical brands

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It doesn’t matter what you’re spending your money on, one of your priorities is supporting ethical brands. It’s important to you that brands prioritize sustainability throughout their supply chain. Whether that’s using eco-friendly materials, giving workers fair wages, and minimizing waste and pollution, you make sure your brands align with your views. Latinas put their money where their mouth is!

You don’t discard your old clothes, you find a new use for them

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You’re aware that most discarded clothes end up in landfills and have a huge impact on pollution. That’s why you don’t buy fast fashion and you don’t discard old clothes until you’ve gotten the most out of them. This is where the Latina resourcefulness and creativity come in! You find ways to upcycle old clothes and make them stylish again, you start wearing them as PJs or you donate them if they’re still in good shape but you don’t want to wear them anymore. When old clothes are beyond repair, you turn them into cleaning cloths. You only throw them away when their useful life is well and truly over.

You bring your own cup everywhere

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Whether you want to buy water, coffee, smoothies, etc., while you’re out and about, you avoid disposable cups as much as possible. That’s why you’ve invested in a reusable water bottle, reusable mug, and reusable smoothie cup, and you always have them handy when you know you’ll be needing them. You’ve also invested in single-use straws because you want to be responsible for as little waste as possible.

You prioritize sustainable self-care

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It’s not stereotypical to say that most Latinas like to take care of themselves and enjoy having a good self-care routine. Well, Latina environmentalists make sure that every product in that self-care routine is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and ethically produced. You’ve switched to aluminum-free deodorants, chemical-free pads and tampons, or period panties, and prioritize formulas with all-natural ingredients. You also enjoy making your own face masks, soaps, exfoliants, and more, at home.

You support wildlife conservation

a young woman collecting plastic waste in a forest

Last but not least, Latinas with environmental inclinations love animals, and that often reflects in their support for wildlife conservation. You likely practice responsible tourism and encourage others to do the same, support wildlife conservation efforts in any way you can, and spread the word about sustainable practices meant to preserve biodiversity and the ecosystem.

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