10 Latino Memes That Are Funny Because They’re True

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Sometimes, you just need a good laugh and Latino memes definitely deliver. It’s safe to say that Latinos’ sense of humor is unmatched and we come up with great memes, especially if they’re based on relatable experiences. If you need a good dose of serotonin or are looking for memes to share in your family/friends group chats, here are 10 Latino memes that are funny because they’re true:

Not enough tortillas

Latino meme about running out of tortillas

Whether you’re of Mexican descent or a Latino who loves good Mexican food, you already know there’s never enough tortillas. You could be enjoying a burrito bowl, fajitas, huevos rancheros, or any other dish and the moment you run out of tortillas, the sadness just hits and “cries in Spanish” encompasses it perfectly. The good news is there are usually more tortillas around, so this isn’t an insurmountable issue.

The joy of bakery smells

Latino meme about entering the panader\u00eda

It’s a truth universally accepted by Latinos that the smells that hit your nostrils when you enter a panadería (bakery) must be inhaled. We think it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread and other delicious treats. Not enjoying it to the fullest is just depriving yourself of one of life’s small joys.

Chisme is life

Latino meme about enjoying a family chisme

Whether you’re sitting with your family or your friends when the chisme (gossip) starts pouring, very few Latinos can help themselves from listening in. It doesn’t matter if you know the people involved or not, being there for the tea spill is always entertaining. When you were young, it was particularly great because it made you feel so grown up to hear what the tías (aunts) were up to.

Saving every plastic bag

Latino meme about saving every plastic bag

Latinos have been practicing the sustainable habit of keeping every single plastic bag for reuse since time immemorial. We’re pretty sure almost every Latino household has a plastic bag full of plastic bags stored somewhere, and they come in quite handy. Mostly, they’re reused as trash bags, but they also make good shower caps. If you’re a Latina, you know that plastic bags are very useful when you’re doing hair hydration treatments at home and you don’t want to waste money on shower caps that will stretch after you use them twice.

La Rosa de Guadalupe effect

Latino meme about La Rosa de Guadalupe effect

“La Rosa de Guadalupe” is a Mexican catholic anthology series where each episode explores themes like addiction, domestic abuse, violence, bullying, and more. The Virgin of Guadalupe always intervenes and there’s always a lesson to each story. It’s a moralist, low-budget show, but Mexican kids and Latinos overall grew up watching it in the late 2000s because it’s so bad, it’s good. However, our parents definitely took it seriously. Whenever a kid got in trouble in “La Rosa de Guadalupe” for disobeying their parents or doing something they weren’t supposed to, Latina moms would go “You see?! This is what I tell you!” We’ve all been there.

Being able to handle your spice

Latino meme about being able to handle your spice

One thing about Latinos is that they know how to handle their spice, so if you have white friends who aren’t used to the Latino fire, you’ve been in this situation. It feels like a superpower and it’s always kind of funny. Of course, not every Latino loves spice or can handle it well, but for those who do, this meme is as real as it gets.

No sleepover for Latino kids

Meme about the common practice of Latino parents not allowing their children to attend sleepovers.

Whether you were born in the U.S. or your parents immigrated when you were young, you likely experienced a few cultural shocks. For one, there’s no way your Latino parents let you go to any sleepovers. Sleeping in a house full of strangers? Out of the question. While American parents are perfectly okay with that and sleepovers are a quintessential experience for American kids, Latino parents trust no one with their offspring.

Flip flops mean a whole other thing to Latinos

Meme about how  flip flops mean a whole other thing to Latinos

Flip flops may be “indispensable beach accessories” to every other person, but to Latino kids, they mean something different. As the meme says, they’re “attack of defense weapons” when you’re dealing with siblings or bugs, but when that chancleta was in mom’s hand, things got serious real quick. It was either a warning sign to behave or it was flying directly at your head if mom was on her last nerve. Either way, you knew you made a mistake!

The holy trinity of Latino health

Meme about the holy trinity of Latino health

While not having insurance is a serious issue among Latinos in the U.S. and not a laughing matter, this particular meme is impossible not to laugh at because it’s true! We grew up thinking that VapoRub, Sprite, and a good chicken or beef soup could cure anything. Honestly, it’s pretty effective when you have the flu. It’s also effective when you’re hungover (minus the VapoRub in that case), so this trio is not without its merits. It’s not as good as insurance, though, that’s for certain.

Switching to Spanish means things got real

Latino Meme about how switching to Spanish means things got real

Again, it’s funny because it’s true! When your family switches to Spanish, you know that the argument went from calm and collected to fully emotional. English is not enough to express the breadth of Latinos’ emotions sometimes, especially when they have a point to prove. When the switch happens, it’s definitely when the fun begins if you’re a spectator just enjoying the chisme. It’s not as fun if you’re involved in the argument…