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graphic showcasing three influential Afro-Latina artists making waves in the reggaeton music scene.

It’s practically undeniable that Reggaeton has now become synonymous with Latin urban culture. Rooted in Caribbean and Latin American rhythms, Reggaeton has transformed the global music scene in the last decade or so. Yet its history goes way back and is one of cultural amalgamation and erasure, particularly of Afro-Latino artists who played a crucial role in its birth and evolution.

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A woman showcasing impressive breakdancing moves against a vibrant backdrop adorned with graffiti art.

Urban music encompasses a wide range of music genres that originate from vibrant and diverse communities. These musical styles often serve as a creative outlet and mirror the challenges, successes, and ordinary lives of the individuals residing in these areas. From Latin America to the Caribbean, urban music genres have evolved over time and continue to evolve so quickly it's hard to keep up. And no, it’s not all just “reggaeton.”

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Karol G wearing a translucent sparkly bodysuit over a blue background

Reggaeton, largely male-dominated, is a world where female voices often get drowned out. But Karol G didn't just break the mold; she remade it. She climbed the charts with authenticity, proving that the Latina voice isn't just powerful—it's transformative.

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