Top Latinx Podcasts to Listen to in February

Latinx Podcast covers

Earlier this month, we put together a list of some amazing Latinx podcasts to help you put your best foot forward in 2021. Now we’re coming at you with some more recommendations from you, our readers! Take a look and go ahead and subscribe to these amazing Latinx podcasts that’ll bring nothing but value to your queue. From covering Latinx history and culture to Latinos in film, these have it all.

As Far As Anyone Knows

We’re all about promoting independent productions and the brand-new, As Far As Anyone Knows podcast is definitely on our list! Covering Latinx history from Puerto Rican Nationalist Lolita Lebron’s attack on the House of Representatives to Latinos in film, this is a must-have on your list to learn more about your cultura.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Radio Cachimbona

Wanting to learn more about the frontlines of the immigration movement in the US? Yvette, a lawyer based in Arizona, walks us through her experience as a litigator managing civil rights cases focused on detention centers. Centered on healing and providing context to the treatment immigrants face, this is a top Latinx podcast made to make you think more introspectively about them.

Where to listen: Website

Latinx En Academia

If you’re a first generation college student looking for resources in navigating higher ed, look no further than Latinx En Academia to add to your Latinx podcast list. Host Marcella “Fresita” Rodriguez dives into the path to higher ed while also interviewing allies and even those who didn’t pursue it. For a dose of reality and some relatability, this podcast is a must-listen to.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Radio Public

Radio Caña Negra: Porque No Somos Morenas (Black Since Birth)

Radio Caña Negra is serving nothing but knowledge with their show. Hosts Dash, Evelyn, and Janvieve cover the experiences of Black Latinos in Latin America and address how anti-Blackness is perpetuated by members of the Latinx community.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Latino Rebels

Looking for a resource on everything going on in the Latinx community? Latino Rebels is your go-to when it comes to everything news, commentary, and more! Thoughtful analyses of the going-ons of the Latino community are the pillars of this well-loved podcast, so tune in.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts

Spanish Aqui Presents

If there’s one thing Latinos love to do, it’s laugh. Spanish Aqui Presents welcomes you to the world of Latinx podcast comedy with hosts Carlos, Ozzy, Tony, and Raiza as they interview some of the Latinx community’s biggest stars – and provide some hilarious improv as well.

Where to listen: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Earwolf

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