Spice Up Your Gathering with These Latino-Created Games

Two Latina women happily playing a board game, holding cards in their hands and enjoying the moment.
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Ready to step up your game night with some Latino creativity? If you're tired of the same old games and looking to add a little cultura to your gathering, we've got you covered. We put together the best board games created by Latinos that are sure to bring laughter and competition to your party.

Grab your amigos, your favorite snacks, and dive into the world of Latino-inspired board games.

Get Loud: A Bilingual Guessing Game That Gets the Party Pumping

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If you're looking to turn up the volume and get everyone involved, Get Loud is the game for you. This competitive bilingual guessing game is a blend of Taboo and charades, pero with a Latino twist. It's available in both English and Spanish, making it perfect for sharing la cultura with friends of all backgrounds.

From national dishes to celebrities, this game covers it all. Whether you're acting out words or describing them, you'll be laughing and cheering as you race against the clock. So, gather your crew, get those vocal cords ready, and let the guessing game begin.

Get Loud: Bilingual Guessing Word Game
$39.99 $30.00

Millennial Lotería: Revamped Traditions for a New Generation

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First up, we've got a game that's like Lotería's cool younger cousin – Millennial Lotería. This modern twist on the classic "Mexican Bingo" brings the nostalgia of Lotería but with a millennial twist. Say goodbye to boring numbers, and say hello to images and words like "la student debt" and "el brunch." It's a party game that pays homage to Latino culture while keeping it fresh for the new generation.

Created by the talented Mike Alfaro, this game is a celebration of both tradition and modernity. And let's be real, who wouldn't want to yell "Yaaaaasssssssssss, Millennial Lotería!" when they win? So, order it online, porque, you know, millennials and their online shopping.
Millennial Lotería

Tragos: Cheers to Shared Traditions and Unforgettable Nights

a promotional image for the tragos party game depicting a pair of cards along with a shot and limes


Now, let's raise our glasses to Tragos, the ultimate party game that's made for Latinos, by Latinos. This game taps into the cultural bonds that unite us and turns them into a night of laughter and camaraderie. Think of it as a drinking game that's packed with Latino references, dares, trivia, and more. The rules are simple – pick a card, follow the instructions, and let the fun flow

Whether you're challenging your amigos to a drinking duel or sharing some puro fun with a trivia round, Tragos guarantees a night to remember. Created by Carolina Acosta and John Lim, this game is all about celebrating our roots while making new memories. Order it now!

Tragos: The Party Game para Latinos

Amigas Circle: Real Talk with Your Girl Squad

a promotional image for the amigas circle latino conversation cards game


Let's switch gears to something a bit more chill but equally amazing – Amigas Circles. Think of it as your perfect excuse to gather the squad, whether it’s for a cozy night in or a lazy afternoon hangout. These cards are packed with questions that touch on everything from your wildest dreams to those oh-so-relatable Latina experiences, all courtesy of We All Grow Latina.

So, next time you and your amigas are looking for something to do, forget the usual Netflix binge and dive into Amigas Circles instead. It’s about getting real, laughing till your stomach hurts, and maybe even shedding a tear or two. Because at the end of the day, it’s those moments of genuine connection that you’ll remember the most. Get yours here.

Amigas Circle: Conversation Cards

Latino Card Revoked: A Hilarious Tribute to Latino Culture

a promotional image for latino card revoked, a latino party game


Last but not least, we've got Latino Card Revoked, a trivia game that's as hilarious as it is informative. Created by comedians Glorelys Mora and Tori Pool, this game is a test of your Latino knowledge. If you can't answer the questions, you might just need your Latino card revoked!

It's a light-hearted way to learn more about our diverse culture while sharing plenty of laughs. With questions that cover everything from Latino history to pop culture, this game is a reminder that our stories and experiences are worth celebrating. Get yours here!

Latino Card Revoked

Preguntas Bilingual Conversation: Heartfelt Convos, Bilingual Style.

a promotional image for the latino cards game Preguntas: Bilingual Conversation


Alright, amigas, get ready for Preguntas, the card game that’s like the heart-to-heart you didn’t know you needed, mixed with all the flavor of our bilingual lives.

Crafted with love by the brains at Hijas De Tu Madre, Preguntas offers a mix of questions that’ll have you sharing stories, debating dilemmas, and laughing over memories in both English and Spanish. It’s the perfect way to bridge generations, cultures, and amigos who might not share the same first language but definitely share the same sense of humor.

Preguntas is your go-to for a night filled with laughter and a few "I can’t believe you just said that" moments. Pick up your deck and let the questions lead the way to deeper connections.

Preguntas: A Bilingual Conversation Game

These board games are more than just a way to pass the time – they're a celebration of our cultura, our traditions, and the joy of coming together. Let the games begin!

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