8 Latinas in STEM Accounts to Follow on IG

8 Latinas in STEM Accounts to Follow on IG

We don’t often hear about women, much less Latinas, with careers in STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math), but Latinas are making gains in the field and we’re here for it! Check out our comprehensive list of badass mujeres killing it in STEM industries in addition to some great organizations to follow.

Inspirational Latinas in STEM:

Kat Echazarreta

Mexicana electrical engineer Kat Echazarreta is here to show her life as an electrical engineer currently working for NASA! Not only does she serve lewks, but she’s also here to serve knowledge about her career and the industry, working to inspire and educate others on the engineer life.

Diana Iracheta

Normalizing Latinas entering the engineering industry is the goal for Diana Iracheta. Focusing on community and resources for all women in the field at every stage professionally, Iracheta’s platform is a great go-to for all women.

Dania Micala

If learning to code is your game, Dania Micala is your girl! Focusing on social media backend development, Micala works for global B2B (business to business) companies and works to educate other women on her career path while inspiring them to pursue a career in tech.

Melissa Cristina Márquez

Marine biologist Melissa Marquez never ceases to dazzle us with her dream job, her IG feed gives us some serious FOMO of the inhabitants of our oceans! From being a published Scholastic author to hosting public speaking events on her work, she’s a real inspiration to all.

Adani Pujada

A bilingual feed from a Peruvian life science educator? We love! Adani Pujada uses her platform to educate others on specific themes in biology using evidence-based instruction. This account is a must-follow.

Inspirational STEM Focused Organizations:

Chingonas In STEM

Positivity and inspiration from other Latinas in STEM are the star of the show on the Chingonas in STEM Instagram account @ChingonasinSTEM. Highlighting success stories and careers of women across their industries, we love this account for its variety of content and relatable stories.

Latinas In Stem

Looking for some serious inspo and resources for your feed? Look no further than Latinas In STEM. With series on their page like “Consejos” which serve as informational sessions for Latinas looking for advice on careers in STEM and so much more, this account is a wealth of knowledge for those looking for it.

Latinas In Tech

If you’re looking for some guidance in the field of professional development for a career in tech by Latinas, Latinas In Tech can definitely help. With free workshops and endless resources, their work is centered around providing advice for women in the industry.

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