Home Decor, Latina Style: Meet 4 Trendsetting Latina Designers

Graphic design featuring four Latina designer experts in home decor.

In the realm of interior design, the touch of Latine artisans has added a vibrancy that's both timeless and refreshing. Let’s go on a journey through the works of some iconic Latina designers, each bringing her unique flair to the table:

Stephanie Watkins

The creative spirit behind Casa Watkins Living, Stephanie's platform has blossomed into an eclectic mix of design studios, décor blogs, and DIY sanctuaries. Stephanie's signature "glo-bo" style—a captivating dance of global influences with a modern farmhouse undertone—is something to behold. Dive into her universe through the Casa Watkins Living website and accompanying Instagram page.

Monica Benavidez

Monica’s mission is simple yet profound: empower others to realize the beauty within their own spaces. On her blog, Monica Wants It, she navigates the world of interiors, touching upon bold palettes, modern twists, and ethereal floral motifs. Her designs are but a click away on Instagram!

Maca Atencio

Maca Atencio, the vibrant soul behind the renowned Hey Maca, hails from Venezuela and now enriches Montreal with her interior design and DIY expertise. With her distinctive flair for blending pastel shades with chic designs, her spaces, be it a sophisticated sitting area or a functional yet artistic office, exude elegance.

Mary Liz

Mary, a Puerto Rican jewel in the design world, seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with heartfelt DIY endeavors via Casa Chic Designs. Her spaces evoke a calmness intertwined with rustic whispers and coastal tales. A special nod to her children’s rooms—a serene blend of comfort and style. Find inspiration and more on the Casa Chic Pinterest board.

These Latine mavens offer more than just design—they share stories, histories, and cultures. Their diverse backgrounds and unique design sensibilities make them not just artists but storytellers, deserving of a prominent bookmark in your design journey.

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