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chocolate pouring in white mug

For Latinos, hot chocolate is a year-round thing, but it's also definitely a winter thing. And we definitely know how to give the traditional recipe a twist. It's not just the chocolate itself that makes it delicious, but the added ingredients that are characteristic of each country in Latin America. You might already know about the Salvadoran way to make hot chocolate, but there are more hot chocolate recipes to be had.

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How To Make the Coquito of Your Dreams

We got you covered with another Latino fave: Coquito. This amazing drink pairs well with other fave Latino dishes we’ve recommended, or you can just have it all by itself. Either way, this drink is sent from heaven and our recipe will yield the coquito of your dreams.

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woman sits on chair looking away from the camera with a canned beverage in her hand
Photo Courtesy of Agua Bonita

Co-Founder Kayla Castañeda Enjoys a Refreshing Can of Agua Bonita

Kayla Castañeda and Erin PonTell found themselves in a bit of a predicament during the pandemic. When the mass shutdown came, they were laid off from their jobs and like so many others they were left wondering what to do next.
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