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woman sits on chair looking away from the camera with a canned beverage in her hand
Photo Courtesy of Agua Bonita

Co-Founder Kayla Castañeda Enjoys a Refreshing Can of Agua Bonita

Kayla Castañeda and Erin PonTell found themselves in a bit of a predicament during the pandemic. When the mass shutdown came, they were laid off from their jobs and like so many others they were left wondering what to do next.
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Latina vegan restaurant owners

Whether you’re vegan or not, many can agree that doing our part to eat less meat can help the environment and our health. While it has become a trend for many, veganism is a way of life that can leave you feeling healthier and happier. With the advancement of the food industry, now more than ever you can make the transition to veganism without losing the ability to enjoy your favorite foods.

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Variety of Latino Snacks

If there’s one thing the Latinx community prides itself on, it’s that we know good food. From full meals to snacks, we love to eat! Sweet, savory, and everything in between, we have a special relationship with all the food we consume. Check out our list of the 10 Latinx snacks we crave, and all the memories that come back with every bite. After all, isn’t that one of the main reasons we’re so attached to these snacks? They’re reminders of those simple moments that brought us so much joy.

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