Abuela's Summer Foods You Can’t Pass Up

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Summer’s here and you have a chance to have those dishes and snacks that just seem to taste better when the temperature’s high. But even during the summer, nothing beats a good old recipe from our Abuelita’s kitchen to bring to parties or just enjoy by yourself if you’re more of a stay-at-home type of gal.

Coast through the rest of the summer with these five abuela-approved recipes.

Ceviche with Mango

Yep, it's called ceviche not “cowboy caviar,” and our Latina grandmas have been making it for years, especially as a fresh option to serve during the warmer weather. This delicious concoction is the perfect dish or snack to enjoy by the pool, and its slightly sour taste mixed with fresh mangoes will make your recipe all the better (that's a trick we learned from grandma).

Homemade Bolis

Okay, if you grew up in a Latino family, you have to know what bolis are; even though they have different names in different places in Latin America, they are very common amongst all Latinxs. Bolis are quite simple, all in all they are just flavored ice, but they became a tradition due to the hotter weather in various areas of Latin America. This tradition has certainly transpired through generations, and now we know that a Boli is the best way to combat the heat. Here’s a quick and simple recipe to reminisce about your childhood.

CREAMY FRESAS CON CREMA BOLIS (MEXICAN POPSICLES) Super Easy To Make, Everyone Will LOVE!www.youtube.com


Okay first of all, choripanes are not hot dogs; they are simply not the same. Choripanes originated in Argentina, and are now typically consumed around Latin America as a quick snack or meal that you can buy mostly from street vendors. What makes choripanes so delicious is that as the name suggests, they are made with spicy sausage. The toppings that accompany it, generally consist of more spiciness so make sure you don’t miss them. With spicy onions, chimichurri, and different types of chile, trust us you’ll be obsessed. This simple recipe breaks it all down.

Sopa de Tortilla

I mean, we can’t talk about summer recipes without including scorching hot soup that your mom insists on making even though it’s 104 degrees outside. Yes caldo rocks, but trust us you won’t regret switching up with this Sopa de Tortilla recipe.

Raspado de elote

We know the mess that eating an elote implies; it’s part of the fun. But turning an elote into a raspado is the best way to make quick little snacks that everyone can enjoy. Typically called an “antojito Mexicano” and more commonly called esquites in Mexico (yep, it's not corn salad in the U.S., Mexico, or anywhere for that matter). This is also a common street food that you can find almost everywhere in Latin America. Here's how you can prepare it right at home.

Esquites Recipe | Mexican Street Corn Saladwww.youtube.com

So there you have it! Don’t forget to try and share one of these traditional recipes with friends and family before the summer’s gone. After all, it’s always nice to share our cultural food and relive those fond food memories!

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