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As the holiday season moves full steam ahead, the inevitable dread for those who aren’t quite the natural gift-givers begins to set in. But fear not, Luz has you covered. We’ve shared our staff gift picks and our fave food items for those pesky stockings and holiday parties. Now it’s time to keep our fave Latinx-owned businesses on the good list. You can stay off the naughty list by impressing the masses with your gift choices while also supporting Latinx products. What’s better than that?

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snacks easy for gift giving

It’s the holiday season and despite the global pandemic that endures, in-person parties are back on the calendar. So what do you take to the party that isn’t a lame store-bought pie or lame bag of chips? (no offense to the pie and bags of chips givers) These food gift-giving ideas are great for parties and stocking-stuffers alike.

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