15 Latina Shops to check out on Small Business Saturday

collage of images representing different products from Latinx businesses : woman, animated women, jewelry tshirt, candle

November 24th is Small Business Saturday and as usual, Luz will use it as a platform to celebrate Latina strength. How, you ask? There are 28M Latinas in the US today, and our annual spend power is $700 BILLION DOLLARS.That’s Billion with a B! So ladies, let’s use those hard earned dollars to support our community. To make life easy, we’ve curated 15 of Luz’s favorite Latina-Owned shops and encourage you to spend some holiday dollars supporting hustling ladies like these.

1. Brown Badass Bonita

With a mission of “creating healing and empowering art pa’ la raza”, founder Kimberly gives us life with shirts like this. And you know you have the perfect prima in mind for this gift. Available on Etsy for $24.99

2. Jen Zeano Designs

Founder Jen Zeano is our kind of woman. According to her site, she believes in “kindness, girl power, staying up til 2am, over dressing, having cake for breakfast, and celebrating every tiny victory”… same, girl! All her products are eco-friendly and made in the USA, so get this for that friend who loves to look cute and recycle.

Available on Etsy – $28.00

photo of hand carrying cell phone case

3. GetYrPHX

This is one of our favorite shops not just because of the cleverly subverted images of pop culture, but because Kayden (the badass LGBTQ Latina behind this shop) is a creative powerhouse! She’s developing a graphic novel called Jalisco about a Latina super hero who launches blades from her folklorico dress – are you kidding me?! Check out this Wonder Woman + Cat Woman kiss pin and follow her shop. Available on Etsy – $10


Florida based Yisi “GC” brings us so much joy with her creativity. A proud mother and wife, she built a company rooted in the creativity she shared with her own mother growing up. She gets what it means to be both Latina and American – surf her site, and take a good look. I’m pretty sure my whole squad is getting something from here.

Available on Etsy – $13.00

photo of tshirt and shorts

5. Crafty Chica

Founded by Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica has a huge range of products I never want to live without again. Our favorite is this “Self-Love & Confidence” Soy Candle to remind that extra hustling friend to take a breath and find center. This dessert-scented candle will bring just the right amount of sweetness and luz to her life.

Available on Etsy – $18.00

hand holding a candle from Crafty Chica

6. PowerliftingChica

This one is for your extra dramatic, but self aware girl. You know… the one who asks for the 2 pumps half-caf, non-fat extra hot lattes…but she’s also the one who admits she’s a pain, and has your back when you need her. Yes, that one. And if that friend is you, toss this in your cart with pride.

Available on Etsy – $39.95

sweater, boots, jeans, beanie

7. Lil’ Libros by Patty Rodriguez

This is a no-brainer. If you have kids, nieces or nephews, get some of Patty Rodriguez’s Lil’ Libros for your mom. She’ll have a blast reading these bilingual books to the kids, and they’ll get to know some of Latino culture’s biggest icons! There’s Celia, Selena, Frida and more!

Available on Amazon – $9.83

image of book cover: "La Vida de Celia" by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein

8. Iliana Designs

Hands down, Iliana is one of our favorite designers. She creates beautiful, bright, strong images of Latinas in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You’ve probably seen us share her work before, and we’re proud to recommend her for your shopping this holiday. The woman is TALENTED and you can bring one of her prints home or gift it to your friends this Christmas.

Available on Etsy – $15.00 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Best deal on the internet)

drawing of latina woman with the words "mija you are worthy" written in her hair

9. Marias Vinyl Creations

This simple, affordable gift is something you can give alllllll the primas this Christmas.

Available on Etsy – $8.00

photo of a Christmas ornament with a vinyl decal

10. Little Things Tiendita

Speaking of primas, check out this Prima Gift Box! Give this to the fam that’s your ride or die. It comes with two “prima” stemless wine glasses, two cantaritos, a hangover bag, and all kinds of latino candies. Pour, snack, and enjoy!

Available on Etsy – $34.00

image of a gift basket containing two glasses, candies, and two cantaritos

11. Raggedy Tiff

Founder Jessica Resendiz was born in Queretaro, Mexico but was raised in San Diego most of her childhood. She was always stylish and not afraid to create her own look, creating her own hair accessories and even clothes starting at 8 years old! She launched Raggedy Tiff after graduating from FIDM, so it’s no wonder her style is so modern, bold, and sleek. It feels like our traditions are reimagined. This bracelet is perfect for your artsy friend (or damn, I might keep this myself!).

Available on RaggedyTiff.com – $55.99


12. Luna Sangre

Aubrey of Luna Sangre is a bold queer Latina artist/creator/entrepreneur and we love her work. Her wearable art is handmade in Southern California, and honors what we love most about our culture. These make for great gifts for your bright, confident and stylish friends. Check out her other work!

Available on Etsy – $18.00

woman wearing avocado-shaped earrings

13. Claudia Ramos Designs

There’s just nothing like Claudia’s graceful simplicity. The graphic designer, illustrator, and mom is “inspired by cuteness,” and delivers it at every step. Her voice is strong, her merch is one of a kind, and this little stitch piece would look perfect next to the cafecito mugs.

Available on Etsy – $80

stitched badge that reads, "spill the chisme"

14. Give Me Luz Shop

Last but not least, check out the Give me Luz Shop. If you’re on this page, odds are you like the content you’ve seen from us, and are a pretty powerful Latina yourself. So….why not buy an #ALPHALATINA shirt for you, and all the powerful mujeres who surround you? Available on Give Me Luz Shop – $24.99 Happy shopping, ladies!

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