6 Latina-Owned Empowering Statement T-Shirt Companies to Shop From

Latinas with statement tshirts

Finding it difficult to feel like a poderosa or a chingona? We have all been there but one way to combat these feelings is to literally wear the phrase as a reminder. That’s what makes empowering statement t-shirts so powerful! Combine empowerment with our cultura and the reminder feels even better to wear.

That’s why we’re bringing you six of the best Latina-owned motivational t-shirt companies! So you can remember that you are poderosa, hermosaytalentosa!

Jenzeano Designs

Famous for their Latina Power t-shirt, JenZeano Designs has grown beyond their classic t-shirt. Their empowering designs bring to life Latinx culture and the experience of being Latina in the United States.

Viva La Bonita

Viva La Bonita does exactly what their name says: makes us feel bonita! Their designs are bold, unapologetic and bring to life the realness of being a poderosa on the grind. Their success has transcended their e-commerce platform and you can find them partnering with retailers like Foot Locker and Nordstrom.

Brown Badass Bonita

As a lifestyle brand, Brown Badass Bonita is centered around inspiring and empowering mujeres. Their graphic tees do just that by adding messaging that speaks to the soul. Having a rough day? Changing into a Brown Badass Bonita tee will uplift your mood – we know it!

Karla and Co.

Karla & Co. offers classic designs with a Puerto Rican twist. Show off being a Latina and add some fun to your wardrobe with these designs. There are so many to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect tee just for you!

For My Homegirls

Feeling in a chingona state of mind? Then For My Homegirls (FMH) is for you! Created as a way to celebrate Latina pride, FMH designs unapologetic tees that make a statement. Get ready to let the world know what you’re proud of, like a chingona!

Luz Collective Shop

Feel empowered and make a statement with our own Luz Collective tees. From letting the world know you’re an Alpha Latina to embracing your power, we have you covered. And just in case you need to clarify it, let the world know you won’t stand for machismo with our Allergic to Machismo collection.

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