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a group of friends sharing food

Summer gatherings bring friends and family together for a joyful blend of sun-soaked relaxation, pleasant conversation, and, most importantly, an array of delicious foods. Nothing complements the summer spirit more than a table laden with vibrant dishes from around the world. In this spirit, here are six dishes from different Latin American cultures that you can make in large quantities and that are perfect for sharing at your next summer get-together.

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a collage of cover photos for how not to drown in a glass of water by angie cruz, the house in the pines by ana reyes, of women and salt by gabriela garcia, the haunting of alejandra by v. castro and you sound like a white girl by julissa arce

Summer is the perfect time to relax, soak up the sun, and dive into a captivating book. If you're looking for a collection of exciting reads that celebrate Latine voices and explore diverse experiences, we've got you covered.

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collage feauturing Latine actors from the shows: Pose, Last of Us, Freeridge and One Day At A Time

As the summer months roll in, it's the perfect occasion to indulge in some premium TV binge-watching. This selection of shows, ranging from fresh releases to beloved classics, boasts an array of narratives and performances that are too good to be overlooked. Here's our curated list of top-tier Latine-led shows to add to your must-watch list this summer.

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