8 Signs You’re a Proud Latina Geek

Portrait of a young Latina woman in an office

Gone are the days when “geek” was an adjective bullies used to make others feel bad about liking computers and tech more than partying. Now? Now it’s cool to be a geek. The world is more tech-focused than ever and you either get with it or you sink. If you’re wondering how much of a Latina geek you are, here are some signs you’re a geeky queen:

You follow Latina tech influencers and entrepreneurs

person holding white samsung android smartphonePhoto by June Aye on Unsplash

You know that representation matters, so you follow influential Latinas in tech like Ariel Lopez, founder of Knac, or Laura I. Gomez, co-founder of Atipica. Your social media feed is full of Latinas in tech because they remind you of what’s possible for you in your field of interest. When things seem stacked against you in whatever corner of tech or STEM you inhabit, those Latinas are your shining reminder that you can make it.

Your WhatsApp is full of family tech support requests

woman sitting using her smartphone

Photo by Vitaly Gariev on Unsplash

Latino culture is all about family, and being the tech-savvy one means you're the go-to person for all tech-related issues. Whether it's setting up abuela's new smartphone or troubleshooting your cousin's laptop, your WhatsApp is constantly buzzing with tech support requests from family members near and far. It kinda makes you feel like a genius, doesn’t it? It’s the little things…

You get excited about Latin American tech advancements

woman in black shirt using laptop computerPhoto by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

From Mexico’s Silicon Valley, Guadalajara, to Brazil’s booming startup scene, you keep up with the latest tech advancements in Latin America. You know which countries are leading in innovation and which Latinx tech startups are making waves globally. What’s more, you love talking about it and sharing the news! It’s never not exciting to see your own community succeed in the same fields you’re passionate about.

You support Latino-owned tech businesses and tools

photography of two women sits beside table inside room during daytimePhoto by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

You’re always on the lookout for tech products and services created by Latino entrepreneurs. You also find ways to support Latino-owned tech businesses and tools in your community. Whether that’s by using whatever platform you have to spread the word or buying from them, you’re passionate about uplifting and celebrating Latino contributions in any way, shape, or form. You know it’s no small feat!

You participate in Latino tech meetups and conferences

Ingeniosas Summit Conversation

Photo by Comunicaciones ANID on Flickr

Attending conferences like the Latinas in Tech Summit or participating in local Latina tech meetups is a regular part of your schedule. These events are not only networking goldmines but also opportunities to learn and share experiences with other like-minded women. They’re also opportunities to build friendships with like-minded people and uplift each other.

You use social media to advocate for diversity in tech

three women sitting on sofa with MacBookPhoto by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Your social media platforms are not just for personal updates or showing your own work. You also use them to advocate for greater diversity in the tech industry, sharing stories, and celebrating the successes of Latinas and other underrepresented tech professionals. You understand the power of your voice and influence, so you use it for good and encourage others in the space to do the same. We have to look out for each other, don’t we?

You challenge misconceptions about being a Latina in tech

two women looking at the screen of a MacBookPhoto by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Tech can sometimes feel homogenous, so you bring your cultural perspective to the table every chance you get. This is a big part of how you challenge misconceptions about being a Latina in tech. You also advocate for change by supporting organizations that encourage Latinas in STEM fields and call out stereotypes both within your community and outside of it.

You share your knowledge with Latinas interested in STEM

Two women talking and sharing knowledge

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Another good sign you’re a proud Latina geek is that you don’t gatekeep. You share what you know with other Latinas in STEM, especially young Latinas who show an interest in these fields. You directly or indirectly mentor others by sharing your knowledge, speaking about your experiences, providing tips, and bringing attention to the Latina figures in STEM who are often overlooked.

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