La Bruja del 305 Explains Retrograde and the Latina Community

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We know people are feeling the effects of the latest Mercury in retrograde, but does the retrograde hit a little differently for Latinas? Luz Media caught up with exclusive Luz Community contributor Sisther Pravia to ask the clarifying questions we’re all needing right now. And if you need any more insight and advice (don’t we all?), catch Sisther over at the Luz Media IG for her Midway through Retrograde IG Live hosted by Cindy Rodriguez of spiritual hiking community Reclama on September 21, 2022 at 4pm Pacific.

Let’s dive right in.

LM: What is retrograde, exactly?

SP: It's when the planet appears to travel backward across the sky. This is an optical illusion caused by the position of Earth in relation to that of the planet since a planet in orbit always travels in one set direction and can’t suddenly reverse course.

LM: What's unique about this time?

SP: This period can cause confusion and uncertainty, but the retrograde can offer some insight. Just as we see the planet from a different point of view, the retrograde asks us to look at our journey the same way. When we see things differently they become different. What in your life needs redirection?

LM: What are some best practices for people navigating this time?

SP: I always recommend the 3 C's: Cleanse your aura weekly, carry protection (like obsidian crystal), and cojelo suave. Overall best rule: be patient there's no need to rush into anything or anyone we're not ready for. Take this time to reflect and reassess.

LM: What should people know about retrograde? How often does it occur?

SP: Retrogrades invoke planets to do the opposite of their traits. Therefore since it’s in Mercury, the ruler of communication, technology, travel, and home it can disrupt these areas of our lives. So be mindful of your words, back up all your tech, plan to leave early so you're not late for work and possibly disrupt travel plans and make sure home is your safe space to relax. This transit occurs about 3-4 times a year.

LM: Are certain signs more impacted than others?

SP: Because Mercury rules Virgo they might feel it the hardest and because it's in Libra they too might find it challenging. On the contrary people born during retrogrades are lucky and won't be affected by it.

LM: What is the impact of retrograde on the Latina community?

SP: The Latina community already puts so much hard work towards building their dreams and doing the inner work for healing generational trauma that it means this retrograde will be especially important to rest. What will help is to reevaluate your “how to become the first millionaire in the family game plan” or any other game-changing plans and meditate on the why.

LM: Lend us some insight on the not-so-common things occurring during this time.

SP: Because Mercury retrograde will be in the sign of Libra and then Virgo it is a time to pay attention to particular aspects of our lives.

September 9 - 22 M.R. is in Libra the sign of dynamic duos, balance, and justice. The period will affect certain relationships in our lives and make us face the shadow side of things. Are we healing from negative relationships or avoiding them? Mercury retrograde is a very karmic period that's meant to bring balance after. So if we ignore the red flags, after the retrograde (as the planet motions back to its regular rotation), these people will expose their true selfish, toxic behaviors and in turn, hurt us.

September 23 - October 2 M.R. will maneuver into Virgo the sign of structure, health, and organization. Do we have healthy structures that manifest a thriving lifestyle? This will be put to the test! If you don't rest enough, eat right, and have no organization in life, you will feel the results intensely during the retrograde's final days. This transit slows down life so we can slow down as well and take the time to do inventory so we then redirect ourselves.

LM: Do you have any specific guidance for Latinas managing retrograde? Suggestions on resting?

SP: Latinas can definitely manage this retrograde and live in peace. Because this transit causes confusion, delays, and uncertainty, mindful practices are important.

For example, starting the day with an intentional morning routine can be a big gamer changer. It's a righteous practice that says "I come first" especially since Latinas' energy is asked off in so many directions (eldest child, 1st family graduate, financial provider, breaking cycles, healer etc.). A morning routine can be like this: Wake up, stretch your arms up to the sky and say "gracias divina vida." Next, step outside and take 3 deep breaths to ground yourself. Then come back in and try a guided meditation for 15 minutes. Finally, brew your cafe and nourish your body.

The same is true for the evening; you want to have a night routine to experience proper rest. The world can feel challenging for us today but don't let it tear you up. Come home and unplug from it all. For instance, start by putting your phone on DO NO DISTURB. Next, run a hot shower/bath with some essential oil/herb like Eucalyptus. Then take time to journal. Here are some prompts I focus on "What’s one thing that went right today? What’s something you did today that you’re proud of? What’s one thing you can do tomorrow that your future self will thank you for?" Finally, when you're ready to sleep, listening to a sound bowl meditation will help you fall asleep with ease.

Because it’s in the sign of Libra certain relationships, have the opportunity to do some healing and/or releasing. These relationships can be family, friends, or love interests. Some Latinas might do some tough love inner child healing from the estrellas. So again, take it easy, rest, and evaluate your journey rather than push yourself to work hard.

Sisther Pravia comes from a native Nicaraguan background. Born and raised in Miami, her ability to harness her inner magic through practices such as moon magic, tarot, astrology, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and more has led her to use her divine connection to counsel others. Dedicated to serving the Latino community, her specialty revolves around her healing practices.

You can learn more from Sisther at her website, Instagram, and TikTok.

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