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astrologer La Bruja del 305 stands with tarot cards fanned in her hand in front of purple toned large sequined wall

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024 runs from April 1 to 25. Mercury entered its pre-retrograde shadow on March 18, so if you're already feeling a bit of the unanticipated chaos, that's the reason why. So how does this affect Latinas, who let's be honest, some tend to have a bit more chaos than others. Does the retrograde hit a little differently for Latinas? Luz Media caught up with Luz Community contributor Sisther Pravia to ask the clarifying questions we all need right now.

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an image of a man in a business suit with a robe on top of it and his right hand raised

Have you ever wondered how people can get so popular promoting things that aren't backed by any evidence whatsoever? Have you ever wanted to become known for having special health and nutrition information that is unknown to anyone else?

If so, then you are going to want to read this blog post.

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What will April’s Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries Manifest For You?

On Wednesday, April 19th, there will be a solar eclipse and a new moon in Aries. For some of us, this energetic alignment brings an end to an old chapter we've been trying to close and the beginning of a new one we've been manifesting. It will also bring momentarily feelings of internal death and detachment, but remember, with death comes rebirth.

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