Latin American Beers to Try on National Beer Day

Four Latine women share smiles and conversation over glasses of beer.

Cheers, friends! It’s National Beer Day, so what better excuse to explore the exciting world of Latin American beer? From the beaches of Brazil to the Andes mountains, Latin America’s diversity of culture and tradition is reflected by the diverse range of beer available, each with a unique flavor and fizz. Every bottle of Latin American beer is its own experience, so don’t hesitate to try as many as you can. Drink responsibly, though, and don’t drunk text your ex!

Here are the 10 most popular Latino beers:

Modelo Especial from Mexico

Modelo Especial Mexican beer, on a rustic wooden table in an outdoor setting

Photo by Stock Catalog on Flickr

Modelo Especial is quite a cultural phenomenon in Mexico. It will transport you to a bustling cantina in the heart of Mexico City, surrounded by lively conversations and the smells of street food. Having a cold Modelo Especial is an easy way to give your mood a boost. It will refresh you from head to toe with its smooth, balanced taste, and hit the spot with its crispness. It’s a light beer, so whether you’re unwinding from a long day at home or just want a taste of Mexico, Modelo Especial is the signature go-to.

Polar from Venezuela

Venezuelan 'Polar' beer against the backdrop of a Caribbean beach

Photo by Ignacio Sanz on Flickr

In Venezuela, Polar is the beer brand that rules above all others; synonymous with good times. Polar has earned its reputation as the ultimate thirst-quencher that also has a few options you can explore. Polar Light is the light beer version, so it’s the most refreshing. However, if you want to feel a little buzz and enjoy more flavor, the regular Polar, known as “Negra” due to its dark bottle, is a nice Pilsner beer anyone can get behind.

Quilmes from Argentina

Argentine 'Quilmes' beer on a bar table, with glasses, olives, and cheeses.

Cerveza Quilmes

Argentina is known for many things - tango, steak, and of course, Quilmes beer. Quilmes is brewed with pure spring water and locally sourced ingredients, so it has a clean, crisp flavor. It’s as refreshing as swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and it will go perfectly with barbecue or traditional asado. Whether you’re enjoying it at home alone or sharing it with friends, Quilmes offers a nice drinking experience.

Cordillera from Bolivia

Promotional shot of Bolivian 'Cordillera' Beer.

Cerveza Cordillera

Bolivia is a land of contrasts and the Cordillera beer is one of the best examples of the country’s rich brewing tradition. The taste of Cordillera beer is not like anything you’ve ever tried, so you just have to see for yourself. It’s known for its complex flavor and richness because it’s made with the best barley and contains no chemical additives. It’s very pure and it provides a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Bolivia.

Brahma from Brazil

Promotional photo featuring Brazilian 'Brahma' Beer.

Cerveja Brahma

Brahma beer is iconic in Brazil, so it doesn’t get more authentic than this. Brewed since 1888, this Latino beer has a long, rich history, and you can almost taste its long tradition. It has a smooth flavor with a crisp finish, so it’s the perfect beer to take to the beach as a refreshment. It’s also great for a night out because it will keep you fresh and give you a nice buzz. Oh, and if you’re curious about other Brazilian drinks, the Caipirinha is a good cocktail to explore.

Kross 5 from Chile

Promotional photo showcasing Chilean 'Kross 5' Beer.

Cervezería Kross

The Kross 5 beer is one of the most popular brands in Chile and it’s all due to its bold flavor. If you like your beer to have some complexity to it, you’ll enjoy this American Strong Ale type of beer. It has hints of oak and spice because it’s matured with roasted American oak, so it’s a vibrant, aromatic drink. It’s one of the most interesting beers in Latin America, down to the design of the bottle.

Chapinero Porter from Colombia

Promotional photo of Colombian beer 'Chapinero Porter' bottle

BBC Cervezería

Colombia is known for its coffee, beautiful beaches and landscapes, and delicious food. It’s also known for the classic Chapinero Porter, which is the go-to beer option for Colombians. It has a bold and robust taste with notes of coffee and chocolate that linger on your tongue. Doesn’t that sound delicious? It offers a true taste of Colombia and you’ll enjoy every sip!

Imperial from Costa Rica

A woman holds a glass filled with 'Imperial' beer from Costa Rica.

Cerveza Imperial

Costa Rica offers more than just natural beauty! It also offers good booze and the Imperial beer is a great example of that. The taste is crisp and refreshing, with hints of citrus and tropical fruit, so it’s another interesting option. This beer is brewed with spring water and local ingredients, which means you’ll be getting an authentic taste of Costa Rica.

Presidente from the Dominican Republic

Two individuals raise bottles of 'Presidente,' Dominican Republic's beer in a toast.

Cervezería Presidente

Presidente beer is one of the favorites in the Dominican Republic and for good reason. It has a crisp, fruity, subtly sweet flavor, making it perfect for people who don’t enjoy the usual bitterness of beer. This is a Pilsner type of beer and it’s made with high-quality raw materials, so the taste is as delicious as it gets. It’s also a light option and it’s usually not expensive.

Gallo from Guatemala

A can of 'Gallo,' the Guatemalan beer, rests on a bar table.

Cerveza Gallo

Last but not least, we have Guatemala’s Gallo beer, which can become a quick obsession. This beer is subtly bitter with hints of citrus flavors. However, don’t expect this one to pack a punch. It’s nice and light, so it doesn’t offer much complexity, but it will refresh you on a hot summer day. Gallo beer is a great way to get a taste of Guatemala, so share it with friends and make a night out of it.