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Graphic design featuring characters from a Latin soap opera set against a backdrop of a cautionary yellow tape bearing the word 'warning'.
Luz Media

One day, after being relentlessly bullied by some kid in elementary school, I went to my mom to complain about the situation, only to be met with an excuse I will probably hear for the next 10 years of my life, “te molesta porque le gustas”…excuse me, WHAT?

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a woman giving the side eye to a man

Have you ever met someone who seems overly confident, self-centered, or even downright rude? Maybe someone who constantly talks about themselves, disregards your feelings, or even manipulates situations to their advantage? And, if you're anything like us and countless others, you might've thought, is this person just a purebred a**hole, or is this person a narcissist?

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an image of a woman looking elsewhere while a man is sitting behind her

These days, everything has a label. Buzzwords like "gaslighting" or "lovebombing" might have come across your social media feed or been mentioned in your favorite podcast. As jargon-y as they might sound, these terms are essential to have but also to understand. By putting a name to these behaviors, we begin to demystify them, allowing for open discussions, recognition, and crucially, a means to call them out or in.

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