TikTok is Calling out Latine Cosplayers with the “Ahora Todos Quieren Ser Latinos” Trend

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When “Un Verano Sin Ti” was released by Latino reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny in the summer of 2022, the onslaught of TikTok trends that resulted from it wasn’t a surprise. A specific lyric from the modern Puerto Rican anthem “El Apagón,” that says, “ahora todos quieren ser Latinos” (meaning “now they all want to be Latinos”) has struck a chord with fans everywhere.

The lyrics have inspired responses to non-Latinos appropriating Latine culture.

There’s a fine line between appreciation and appropriation when it comes to expressions of culture, but some lines aren’t fine lines at all. Spa water is a prime example of extreme cultural ignorance that resulted in outright absurdity. Bad Bunny’s lyrics highlight how normal it is for non-Latinos to claim or appropriate Latine culture when convenient and how easy it is to outright steal the culture and re-name it any old thing - “clean girl aesthetic,” anyone?

In response to this, the internet is fighting back against non-Latinos who are claiming Latinidad for their own benefit:


TikTok · itscoral93


#pegar un video de @its.me.again_07

Bad Bunny's anthem is a testament to the power of music as a platform for challenging conversations and a rallying cry for cultural respect and acknowledgment. This song and the internet's reaction to it shows us that the world of culture isn't a free-for-all buffet, where you can just grab what you fancy and slap a new name on it.

So, let's keep this conversation going, learn from each other, and remember to respect the cultures we’re borrowing from. After all, it's about time we give credit where credit's due. Boom, mic drop, Bad Bunny style.

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