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Gia Fey began her journey in fitness as an overweight woman trying to build a healthy lifestyle for herself. With discipline, a healthy diet, and a consistent workout routine, she created and shared her Curvy Girl Fitness plan with the world. Curvy Girl Fitness soon became her trademark workout program and remains one of the most popular choices among the women she inspires every day.

Gia Fey's workout routine for Glutes

The unique thing about Gia’s approach is getting rid of the notion that anyone must be “skinny” per today’s cultural standards in order to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Fey’s specialization is made for women to disprove the idea that to be healthy actively, you have to be thin, and she’s committed her brand to curvy women like herself embracing fitness. Fey works to inspire women to be the best version of themselves through her fitness content, not shaming them into being thin through harmful diets and potentially dangerous workout routines.


Have a muffin top? WATCH THIS EXERCISE - IT REALLY HELPS! 😁 #gymtok #personaltrainer

Whether you’re looking to make small healthier changes to your lifestyle or do a complete rebrand, Gia has a workout plan for you! With over 2 million followers on Facebook, 600 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and 300 thousand subscribers each on Instagram and TikTok, Body by Gia is taking the world by storm.

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