What will April’s Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries Manifest For You?

silhouette of a cross-legged woman facing a solar eclipse

On Wednesday, April 19th, there will be a solar eclipse and a new moon in Aries. For some of us, this energetic alignment brings an end to an old chapter we've been trying to close and the beginning of a new one we've been manifesting. It will also bring momentarily feelings of internal death and detachment, but remember, with death comes rebirth.

Growth and awakening are inevitable, especially during the spring season. This new cycle will lead to a reality check and exposure of self-sabotaging patterns or karmic partnerships. This energy may have already been making you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or in situations you normally have prospered; then it's most likely telling you it's time to shed old skin and let go of old habits holding you back.

The eye-opening effects of this eclipse may either make you or break you, but no matter where you land on the spectrum, the Aries energy is there to light the fire to the things we may have been avoiding and allowing to hold us stagnant.

Aries is a cardinal sign, and their season is all about embracing new beginnings and not thinking twice about burning off what no longer serves them. Libras, Cancers, and Capricorn suns and risings, also cardinal signs, will be amongst those who will feel these changes more deeply and emotionally.

Eventually, the assessment of our current reality and how we embrace this new energy will help us manifest in the outside world and set in motion new favorable beginnings.

It is not recommended to manifest during an eclipse due to the imbalance and shock of multiple energies around us. This solar eclipse will specifically supercharge the new moon and amplify our visions, emotions, and have polarizing effects on our current reality.

All of this will help us select the best way to grow into our truest potential, and sometimes that means coming out of the shadows to see things for what they truly are. The truth may hurt when we realize we have been self-sabotaging ourselves. We may discover we are the villain and hero of our own story and that we have been blocking ourselves in order to save ourselves.

So, if we can't manifest during this new moon, what can we do to help stabilize and ground ourselves? First, we must understand the purpose of this cosmic alignment. The message is to observe and not absorb and to connect with our purest energy by allowing ourselves to feel our emotions or conflicting situations without judgment.

Having grace and empathy during this energetic shift will help alleviate our emotions, bring peace to our ego, and initiate mental clarity. This may urge us to do sacred cleansing rituals or do more practical rituals such as exercising, journaling, speaking things out loud to people we trust, reading quietly, and practicing gratitude.

Remember, the only thing we can truly control is ourselves, our actions, and our emotions. This will be the truest test to understanding that surrendering to the Universe also means we trust our own intuition deeply.

Now let's take off the rose-colored manifestation glasses for a second and see the truth of our current reality. Yes, it's not ideal times, there are unfavorable things happening daily, and there are hardships on this journey that can feel draining. We may avoid certain situations to avoid waves of emotions and mental setbacks. However, this is the time to ask for guidance, find counsel or therapy if needed, and connect with our energetic powers.

Allow these moments of uncomfortability to pass us by without being consumed by them. The new moon graciously allows us to open new doors with our intuition and the solar eclipse is uncovering self-sabotaging blockages to heal ourselves. While Aries is lighting fiery energy to all of it and adding a breath of fresh air to our journey. It may feel overwhelming, or you may have already been feeling it for the past few days.

Again, having grace, empathy, and losing judgment of ourselves and those around us will help ground and stabilize us. A social media break may be needed to disconnect from outside negativities, we may crave solitude for moments of reflection, or we may need to connect with loved ones and friends to help give us new perspectives and clarity. Regardless of what you choose to do, allow yourself to sit back, relax, breathe in, and trust your intuition more than ever.

Try these cosmic affirmations to guide you back to your center during moments of anxiety, depression or when you need a little reminder of how powerful and loved you are.

    • I focus on the love within me and align with it cosmically
    • I break all patterns blocking me and let go of anything not aligned with my prosperity
    • I sit in my gratitude and move freely
    • I attract peace and tranquility in every room I step into
    • My energy is prosperous and in harmony.
    • I am open to receiving good energy and all good things meant for me
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    Women in Texas at the National Women's March, rallying against deadly abortion restrictions.
    Lucy Flores

    The landscape of abortion rights in the United States has become more restrictive than ever in recent history, particularly in Arizona and Florida, where recent developments represent a major setback for women’s reproductive rights. On April 9, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in a 4-to-2 decision to uphold an 1864 law banning abortion from the moment of conception. The only exception is saving the mother’s life, but there are no exceptions for rape or incest under this law.

    Just a few days earlier, on April 1, the Florida Supreme Court also ruled in favor of upholding a 6-week abortion ban, which will take effect on May 1. This further reduced the legal threshold for abortions in Florida, which used to be 24 weeks of pregnancy before Republicans passed a law in 2022 banning abortions after 15 weeks. Both of these rulings have sparked intense debate and outrage about their impact on women’s rights.

    Overview of the Near-Total Abortion Ban in Arizona

    The Arizona Supreme Court voted to uphold an 1864 law, a law passed even before the state officially was a part of the United States of America, that makes all types of abortion illegal, including medication abortion, from the moment of conception. Though there are exceptions in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, the ban makes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest and imposes severe penalties, including imprisonment, on medical professionals performing abortions.

    Medical professionals have spoken out about how dire the situation will become for women with this near-total abortion ban. Dr. Jill Gibson, chief medical director of Planned Parenthood in Arizona, told CNN that this ruling will have “absolutely unbelievable consequences for the patients in our community.” She continued by saying, “Providers need to be able to take care of their patients without fear of legal repercussions and criminalization.”

    Representatives from Arizona and other states across the country have also spoken up against this near-total abortion ban.

    Video by Shontel Brown Member of the United States House of Representatives on InstagramVideo by Shontel Brown Member of the United States House of Representatives on Instagram

    Image by Rub\u00e9n Gallego Member of the United States House of Representatives on InstagramImage by Rubén Gallego Member of the United States House of Representatives on InstagramImage by Rubén Gallego Member of the United States House of Representatives on Instagram

    Until this Arizona Supreme Court decision, abortion had been legal in the state up to 15 weeks of pregnancy. The right to abortion via Roe v. Wade prevented the enforcement of the near-total abortion ban, but since a majority vote in the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe, those opposed to abortion rights had been fighting to enforce the 160-year-old 1864 law.

    This new abortion ban in Arizona is not effective immediately as the court has paused its ruling for 14 days until additional arguments are heard in a lower court about how constitutional the law is. However, the law will likely come into effect in May, a few weeks from now. Planned Parenthood Arizona, the largest abortion provider in the state, will continue serving the community until the ban is enforced.

    An Overview of Florida's Six-Week Abortion Ban

    The landscape of abortion in Florida has also undergone a significant change with the enforcement of a 6-week abortion ban, replacing the previous 15-week limit. This ban, similar to Arizona's, severely restricts access to abortion care and poses a significant challenge to reproductive rights in the state. Providers are bracing for a public health crisis due to the increased demand for abortion and limited options for patients.

    Practically speaking, a 6-week abortion ban is a near-total abortion ban because pregnant people often don’t even realize they could be pregnant by this early stage. Combined with Florida’s strict abortion requirements, which include mandatory in-person doctor visits with a 24-hour waiting period, it’s nearly impossible for those who may want an abortion to be able to access it before 6 weeks. Not to mention that fulfilling the requirements is particularly challenging for low-income individuals.

    Video by theluncheonlawyer on InstagramVideo by theluncheonlawyer on Instagram

    Moreover, this Florida law also restricts telemedicine for abortion and requires that medication be provided in person, effectively eliminating mail-order options for abortion pills. While exceptions for rape and incest exist in Florida, the requirements are also strict, asking victims to provide police records or medical records. For victims who don’t always report sexual violence for many different reasons, these exceptions don’t make a difference.

    The consequences of Florida’s ban extend to neighboring states with more restrictive abortion laws. For instance, residents of Alabama, facing a total ban on abortion, and Georgia, with its own 6-week abortion ban, have relied on Florida for abortion services. That will no longer be an option, further limiting care alternatives.

    The Road Ahead

    These recent abortion bans in Arizona and Florida are a major setback for women's rights, particularly impacting Latina women who already face barriers to accessing quality healthcare. These bans not only restrict women’s reproductive freedom but also endanger their lives.

    Efforts to challenge these bans through legal means and ballot measures are ongoing, but the road ahead is uncertain. While there’s hope for overturning these abortion bans, the challenges of conservative laws and legal battles are formidable. The November ballot in both states will be crucial in determining the future of abortion rights and access for all.