Conversations with the New Moon: Ways to Embrace a New You

Conversations with the New Moon: Ways to Embrace a New You
On October 25th, the new moon moved into Scorpio, a passionate and powerful water sign. This wasn’t a typical new moon; it was a solar eclipse, and it’s recommended to hold off doing any manifestation rituals during an eclipse phase.

An eclipse uncovers emotions, true desires, and fears which means some people will need to take it easy and reset. While others will need to take advantage of this energy to reflect on any fears or energy holding us back from true alignment. Instead of manifesting for the future, this is a great time to focus on developing our self-awareness and learning what we need to do to align with the manifestations currently unfolding in our present.

During this dark moon phase, our flight and fight response may be on high alert, but instead of ignoring this, use this time to replace old habits and implement new self-developing rituals. Daily rituals like the Self-love Replenishing Bath Ritual can ease discomfort during growth periods by bringing our focus to the present rather than going along with the negative intrusive thoughts in our minds.

For entrepreneurs and creatives planning their end-of-year goals and preparing for the new year, it’s recommended to focus on protecting businesses' assets and intellectual property and ensuring all legal matters are up to date. Many Latina entrepreneurs and small business owners fear losing their businesses, facing sudden legal issues, or being copied and plagiarized. Therefore, ensuring protective business measures are put in place and aligned during this period is essential.

Spiritually overcoming fears can be a lifelong journey, especially for those who have experienced generations of trauma. Even when we think we have crossed a threshold of bravery, there are times those same fears come back to haunt us. That’s when we realize the fears did not disappear; instead, they cling to hidden places deep in our minds.

Like many Latinos, I grew up in a family who not only projected their fears but raised us to be in fear constantly. Naturally, my fears manifested into insecurities, anxiety, and depression, amongst other things. Through my journey, I realized the only way to face and overcome my fears was to move with intention.

What exactly is moving with intention, and why is it important?

There are two definitions; one is to move with a plan or aim towards a goal, while the other definition is the healing process of a wound. Although my plans and goals can always change over time, healing will always be the foundation of how I set my intentions. The importance is to challenge myself to replace old habits holding me in a place of fear with new self-developing rituals that will help me manifest with clarity and control.

Even though my fears may arise at times, I am confident I can face and move through them with agility and determination by becoming more self-aware. Below are five signs that it’s time to embrace a new you and replace the old habits with new rituals. Like the moon, we will go through phases and cycles of dark and light, but the goal is to awaken and connect with our magic every step of the way.

Sleeping Late & Not Getting Enough Zzz’s

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This habit can be detrimental not only to our physical bodies but also to our minds. Lack of sleep can cause emotional triggers that can exhaust and deplete our spirit, making it difficult to manifest with intention or align with current manifestations.

Replacing this habit with a Tea Ritual will ease the body, mind, and soul. Drinking herbal tea like chamomile or lavender and shutting off electronics sixty to thirty minutes before a designated bedtime will ease and relax the mind. The intention is to focus on allowing our minds to release and surrender with trust.

A great affirmation to say when drinking the tea is I TRUST MYSELF, I TRUST IN MY ABILITIES AND MAGIC, I TRUST THAT I AM ON THE RIGHT PATH.

Procrastination or Creativity Block

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I am a true believer that creativity can never be blocked. Instead, it is a burnt-out response from overworking and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves. Procrastination is also a trauma response that may be triggered by fear and anxiety. These responses over time can become habits, and to accomplish any significant task; we must burn ourselves out or leave it to the stressful last minute.

The perfect ritual to replace these habits is to pause and close our eyes for at least forty-five seconds to five minutes throughout the day. This meditative ritual is focused on allowing ourselves to connect back with ourselves and our intention. Most importantly, this ritual teaches us that there are seconds and even minutes we can utilize to pause and focus on ourselves, even during the most hectic days.

A powerful affirmation to say when in moments of inner connection is, I AM WORTHY, I AM WORTHY OF GREATNESS, I AM WORTHY OF ALL OPPORTUNITIES AND MANIFESTATIONS ALIGNING FOR ME.

Constant Anger and Loss of Temper

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This can also be a trauma response due to internalizing various emotions and pain. However, it can become a habitual response if it’s not addressed or validated. We are taught that the emotion of anger is bad, but anger is not bad unless it becomes a harmful or violent reaction.

In many Latino homes being angry or feeling any emotions outside of happiness may be looked down upon and even a punishable emotion. Therefore, many of us internalize anger, and it can manifest into lashing out during stressful or fearful moments. Rather than replacing this habit, we will validate this emotion by implementing a Mirror Ritual.
This ritual is focused on learning to speak up and allowing ourselves to process anger more assertively rather than passively or with open aggression. Looking and speaking to the mirror during the state of anger shows us the true reflection of how we process and react when we are angry. It also allows us to release and think more consciously when we approach a situation that angers us. This can be a hard habit to transform if we don’t allow ourselves to accept that anger can be addressed in a healthy way rather than how we were programmed to react.


Mindless Eating

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Mindless eating is a habit that can be caused by many triggers, including depression and anxiety. Focusing on mindful eating with intention is a great way to build self-awareness and think about what we put in our bodies. We shift into gratitude by asking ourselves how this food will nourish our bodies and soul.

This ritual should not make us feel bad about our food choices; instead, we focus on gratitude for nourishment. Additionally, setting realistic intentions is important; for instance, the intention of eating more balanced nutritious foods that fuel our bodies rather than not eating at all is more appealing to our soul and mind.


Comparing Ourselves to Others

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Due to social media and society, this habit has increased tremendously amongst every generation. Whether we are comparing our financial status, career, beauty, and bodies, this habit can become an internal psychological warfare for all of us. The ritual to implement here is Self-love and Empathy.

Many of us lack the feeling of love and search for it through other avenues such as likes, comments, money, and plastic surgery. Nothing is wrong with having or wanting any of these things unless it leads to filling a void of love or a belief of inadequacy if we don’t receive or have any of these things. Self-Love and having empathy for where we are on our journey is the key to overcoming the habit of comparing ourselves to others.

A ritual that can be practiced daily is writing love letters or phrases to ourselves and keeping these in a box or on our wall to remind us of who the f*ck we are! The loving affirmation to say and write during this ritual is I AM BEAUTY, I BRING BEAUTIFUL ENERGY EVERYWHERE I GO, I SEE MY BEAUTY IN EVERY REFLECTION I COME ACROSS.

Need more self-love rituals? Check out Full Moon Transformation: Stop Faking it and Start Manifesting.

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