Latine-Owned Vegan Restaurants in the U.S.

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Abundant research confirms that eating less meat can help the environment and our health. Whatever reason people have for eating vegetarian or vegan, there's no denying that cutting out animal products can leave you feeling healthier and happier. With the advancement of science and creative culinary talent, now more than ever, you can make the transition to a vegetable-based diet without losing the ability to enjoy your favorite foods. That’s why we’re giving you a list of some delicious Latine-owned vegan restaurants across the United States that cook with their cultura in mind.

From South Florida to Portland, we’re giving you locations that you have to visit.

Manna Life Food Miami, FL

If you’re ever in South Florida and are craving a great spot for vegan food, Manna Life Food is the place for you. Providing everything from superfoods to juice cleanses and everything in between, Manna Life Food leaves you feeling renewed.

Calaveritas Atlanta, GA

Who doesn’t love a great taco? Atlanta’s Calaveritas is a vegan taqueria specializing in our favorite tortilla based meal. Vegan proteins and endless fresh ingredients are the name of the game at this must-visit.

Miami Nice Portland, OR

Looking for Latinx flavor in all forms? Portland’s Miami Nice is a great way to get all your favorite plates in, serving everything from plant based egg breakfasts to sandwiches and more. One of our top Latinx vegan restaurants, we’re literally drooling over that vegan Picanha!

Luna Verde Vegan Mexican Restaurant Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Mexican food is fairly easy to veganize, but New Jersey’s Latinx owned Luna Verde Vegan Restaurant goes above and beyond in their offerings. Birria tacos, chimichangas, nachos, and much more create a large menu of offerings generous enough to delight anyone’s taste buds.

Bar Bombón Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly’s Bar Bombón offers plant based offerings that are Latinx favorites such as arepas and they go all out in their efforts. A juice bar is one of the star offerings at this place, along with their queso and seasonal savory dishes too.

El Palote Dallas, Texas

If Mexican food is your thing and you find yourself craving Mexican pastries, tacos, or tamales, El Palote is the go-to place. Known for their Mexican comfort food, this Latino vegan restaurant shows they celebrate authenticity with consciousness to bring you vegan-friendly traditional recipes – yes that includes chilaquiles.

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