Up and Coming Latinx Fashion Designers You Should Know About

four latina women

If there’s one thing the Latinx community counts on, it’s that we have a lot to offer when it comes to fashion and expressing ourselves with our fashion sense. Whether it’s getting fancy to sit en la sala or buying the statement sweatpants to work from home, we’re constantly striving to look presentable and serve lewks. Diversify your closet with some pieces from these Latinx fashion designers making everything from rings to handbags to keep wowing; you surely won’t regret it.

Julieta Zavala

Whether it’s a beautifully embroidered mask or a rainbow skirt and top set, Julieta Zavala is highlighting her cultura in her custom pieces. We love the way in which she uses upcycled materials like bandanas while also showing her artistry by featuring poderosas like Frida Kahlo on the back of her custom jackets.

Ashley Valentine

Handmade clothes for hotties is the tagline for clothing by Latinx fashion designer Ashley Valentine, and she doesn’t fail to deliver on her message. Look like a real Alpha Latina in her pieces while embracing individuality – but run, don’t walk when she restocks. Limited quantities are the name of the game in the world of handmade clothing.

Rocio Chavez and Diana Ibarria – All For Ramon

Named after their late brother who was taken too soon by cancer, hermanas Rocio Chavez and Diana Ibarria created All For Ramon to provide sustainable, elevated essential pieces to add to your clothing rotation. Who knew tie dye could be so low impact for the planet?

Vanessa Acosta – Wasi Clothing

Bolivian-American designer Vanessa Acosta is the owner and operator of Wasi Clothing. Selling everything from panel dresses to bucket hats and so much more, she brings it! Inclusion for underrepresented people and sustainable practices are at the forefront of her business.

Rebecca Stirm Lennan – Twig and Pearl

Handbags are a staple of most women’s wardrobes, but Belizean designer Rebecca Stirm Lennan takes it to the next level with her brand Twig and Pearl. Providing artisan-made leather goods made in Belize, the quality, construction, and fair price point makes this brand an easy staple to add to your everyday rotation.

Yasmin Sabet – Mola Sasa

Colombia’s Yasmin Sabet had one mission when launching her brand Mola Sasa: to translate the culture and diversity of her home country into her line. Working directly with indigenous communities in Colombia to develop the designs offered in the shop, Mola Sasa blends contemporary silhouettes with tradition to result in an amazing product line.

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