10 Latina-Owned Beauty Brands Worth Trying

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Latina entrepreneurs are making waves in the beauty industry, bringing rich cultural heritage, innovation, and inclusivity to the forefront. According to a 2022 State of Latino Entrepreneurship report, Latino-owned businesses are the "fastest-growing segment of the U.S. small business ecosystem." Over the past decade, the number of Latino-owned businesses has surged by 34%, compared to just 1% for other small businesses. To celebrate the success of Latinas in entrepreneurship, particularly in the beauty industry, here are 10 must-try Latina-owned beauty brands that not only offer amazing products but also celebrate Latino culture:

Reina Rebelde

Promotional image spotlighting 'Reina Rebelde' cosmetic brand, highlighting standout products.

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Reina Rebelde, founded by Mexican Regina Merson, is a bold, unapologetically vibrant, Latina-owned makeup brand that celebrates Latino culture. Merson’s mission with Reina Rebelde is to empower women to embrace their multifaceted beauty. Reina Rebelde's products are designed to help women embrace their versatility and share their authentic essence with the world through makeup and self-expression. They offer a wide range of makeup products, including black and color eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, blush, finishing powder, and everything else you could possibly need to create great looks and feel empowered when you step out of your home.

Rizos Curls

Promotional image featuring standout curly hair care product from 'Rizos Curls' cosmetic brand.

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Rizos Curls was created by Mexican Julissa Prado and it offers a range of haircare products that cater to curly-haired women. Growing up with curly hair, Prado is familiar with the challenges of finding the right products, so she founded this brand to simplify curly hair care. Rizos Curls provides curl education and offers high-quality products for all types of curls, including detangle spray, curl-defining cream, curl-defining muse, shampoos and conditioners, hair oils, and more. One of their most popular products is “The Complete Rizos Curls 4-Step Bundle”, a 4-step system designed to detangle, hydrate, and define curls to avoid bad hair days and have healthy curls.

Bésame Cosmetics

Promotional image spotlighting 'B\u00e9same Cosmetics' brand, highlighting standout products.

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Founded by Argentinian Gabriela Hernandez, Bésame Cosmetics pays homage to the golden age of Hollywood glamour with its vintage-inspired makeup collections. Inspired by her grandmother's beauty rituals in Argentina, Hernandez has created luxurious and historically accurate makeup to celebrate timeless beauty and help women feel more empowered. Hernandez was also inspired by the suffragettes and how they wore red lips in defiance of the patriarchy, highlighting the power of makeup. Bésame Cosmetics is known for the beautiful vintage design of its products and its high-quality formulas. They offer a wide range of makeup products, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes, compacts, and more. One of their top best sellers is the “Bésame Red Lipstick - 1920”, which is one of the first shades the brand revived and it offers a classic bright red lipstick for unabashed confidence.

Vive Cosmetics

Promotional image spotlighting 'Vive Cosmetics' brand, highlighting standout products.

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Mexican Puerto Rican Joanna Rosario-Rocha and Mexican Leslie Valdivia co-founded Vive Cosmetics to celebrate Latino culture through vibrant, inclusive makeup. Vive Cosmetics was born out of frustration with the beauty industry's lack of representation and its mission is to make beauty accessible and affirming for everyone. The founders recognize Latinas and everyone who has ever felt undervalued, offering products that can help them fully embrace their beauty. They specialize in matte lipsticks, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip care, and brow pencils. One of their best-selling products is the “Amor Eterno” a deep red liquid lipstick that provides full coverage, is highly pigmented, and will stay on no matter what.

Alamar Cosmetics

Promotional image spotlighting 'Alamar Cosmetics' brand, highlighting standout products.

Photo by alamarcosmetics on Instagram

Alamar Cosmetics was created by Cuban Gabriela Trujillo, drawing inspiration from Cuba’s vibrant colors and textures. The name of the brand is a homage to Trujillo’s hometown in Cuba, Alamar, and her journey from dreaming about making her own makeup products to having a successful makeup business is nothing short of inspiring. Alamar Cosmetics offers all the makeup products you could need to put your face on and some of their best sellers include their DesNUDEAs lip liners, blush trios, and brighten and bronze trios. All the products are cruelty-free, affordable, high-quality, and richly pigmented to make everyone’s beauty pop.

Luna Magic

Promotional image spotlighting 'Luna Magic' cosmetic brand, highlighting standout products.

Photo by lunamagicbeauty on Instagram

Luna Magic was founded by Dominican American sisters Mabel and Shaira Frias, and it’s a celebration of Afro-Latinidad and Latino culture. The brand offers colorful and playful makeup collections inspired by the sisters’ Dominican heritage, and every product reflects the joy of Afro-Latino and Latino culture. One of the main focuses of Luna Magic is to help Afro-Latinas and Latinas embrace their own beauty instead of unrealistic beauty standards defined by celebrities and the media. Luna Magic offers eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and much more. One of their best-selling products is the “Soft Perfection Foundation Powder,” which is vegan and offers a soft matte finish for a “no makeup” makeup look.

Dezi Skin

Promotional image spotlighting 'Dezi Skin' cosmetic brand, highlighting standout products.

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Founded by Mexican Desi Perkins, a former freelance makeup artist turned beauty influencer, Dezi Skin offers high-quality skincare solutions for all skin types. Dezi Skin has a proprietary blend of natural Mexican extracts, including Mexican plum fruit and dragon fruit, that makes their products nourishing and rejuvenating. Their best-selling product is the “Agua Fresca,” a refreshing gel-crème moisturizer packed with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and fruit antioxidants, which provides long-lasting hydration and makes the skin look radiant. Of course, they also offer other skincare products, including serums, body lotions, moisturizers, face mists, cleansing gels, cleansing balms, and more.

Shaina B. Miami

Promotional image spotlighting 'Shaina B. Miami' cosmetic brand, highlighting standout products.

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Shaina B. Miami was founded by Mexican-Puerto Rican Shaina Bassan and it’s a one-stop shop for everything makeup. As a young girl, Bassan fell in love with makeup because she discovered how it boosted her confidence. As she got older, she noticed that she had to buy from multiple brands to suit all her needs, so it became her dream to create a makeup brand that would offer everything in one place. That’s exactly what Shaina B. Miami is and it’s inspired by Miami’s multicultural vibrancy. Some of the best-selling products include the “Lip Gloss in Heatwave,” which is glossy and hydrating but not sticky, and the “Carnaval Pressed Pigment Palette,” which offers vibrant eyeshadow colors for bold, highly pigmented looks.


Promotional image spotlighting 'Glamlite' cosmetic brand, highlighting standout products.

Photo by glamlite on Instagram

Founded by Dominican Gisselle Hernandez, Glamlite is inspired by her childhood experiences and her love of food. As someone who experienced bullying and fat-shaming growing up, Hernandez wanted to create a cosmetics line that makes everyone feel represented and accepted. Glamlite is known for its themed eyeshadow palettes, which are fun and offer a great variety of shades to create many different looks. Fun fact: the brand went viral in 2018 for its “Pizza Palette,” which was the first food-inspired product they launched.

Valdé Beauty

Promotional image spotlighting 'Vald\u00e9 Beauty' cosmetic brand, highlighting standout products.

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Last but certainly not least, Valdé Beauty offers luxurious, refillable lipsticks and lip balms with stunning packaging. It was created by Peruvian American Margarita Arriagada, who was inspired by her mother and the fact that even with dementia, she remembered her love of lipstick, and applying it always made her happy. Valdé Beauty is known not only for its high-quality lipsticks but also for its Valdé Armor cases. They’re collectible and each design is beautifully unique. Valdé Beauty's formulas contain adaptive pigments, jojoba and sunflower complex, shea butter, and castor seed oil, so they offer personalized colors and promote soft, smooth lips.

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